*MIME UPDATE* 10.01.16

Hi all, I just wanted to let you know that from next week until mid-March – I’ll be posting Le Mime every two weeks instead of weekly. This is purely because of two things – my partner and I are taking nearly a month off for our belated honeymoon and at the same time (joy) we are frantically trying to buy a house we can call home. It’s been hectic, bit mad and I’ve found myself looking at budget sheets and in long meetings to do with money and stuff. Ah… grown up life. Wish I was back at my mums playing computer games!

Thank you for your continued support and understanding, I wanted to stagger the uploads rather than do nothing.
For a schedule of when these will be out, please see my bulletin on the top left of the site.

We can get over these January blues!! >_<" Zx ----------------------- HAPPY NEW YEAR! I knew you didn't want a festive post, you just wanted to get back into Ruban's story right? Well, enjoy, and have a wonderful 1st day of 2016 :)