Welcome to Le Mime Webcomic! >_<

To follow my love for Le Mime who’s featured in my small-press work (including the Alternative Press’s anthology, “Publish You“), he’ll now be making a weekly appearance in the form of this snack-sized webcomic!

To start off please see my introductory strip about reading “4-Koma”, the traditional Japanese strip layout that I will be using for Le Mime (thanks to Soni Bumblebee for the demo >_<).

4-Koma literally means “4-cell manga”, it dates back to the early 20th century and uses the writing structure “Kishōtenketsu” which follows a specific visual flow. Read more about 4-Koma here if you like.

What is Le Mime about? I’ll let you decide… Why mime? Because, like traditional painting and cut-and-paste comic art, it’s a precious art form, that needs to be revived! How often will the strip be updated? Every Friday!

Got that? Enjoy! >_<

Zarina x