Welcome to the fan art section! Every now and then I get sent lovely mime fan art and I have dedicated this page to such amazing art work! Scroll down to view the fan art and details of each artist.

I’m so very touched by getting fan art and I love all of them!!



















Lovely sketch of Le Mime and Soni by Kyanna Campbell from sunny Florida. Lovely thanks!

Her website is: http://kiwi-koala.deviantart.com/








Happy-Birth-Day illustration by fellow artist Paul Shinn from London. Love the last panel pic of me with a cup of tea – so typical!

His website is: http://paulshinndraws.com/














Beautiful Parisen-inspired illo of Le Mime and Soni by Celine Choo based in sunny Singapore. Thanks so much lovely!

Her website is: http://sunshee.blogspot.com/













Lovely lovely lovely Le Mime close-up by Inko from Umisen-Yamasen. She very talented, but stay away from her snack selection – it will scare you! lol!













Beautiful Soni Bumblebee by Chie Kutsuwada from Umisen-Yamasen. She looks AMAZING in this illo – I mean, she doesn’t even look this good in my own strip! <blush>

Her website is: http://chitan-garden.blogspot.com/


















Another illo by fellow artist Paul Shinn from London for my 30th birthday. Love this so much!!

His website is: http://paulshinndraws.com/

Here’s a cheeky one from the super-talented Naniiebim who is the creator of the Mephistos series. This was a surprise and I love the way she’s portrayed Mime!

Her website is: http://naniiebim.tumblr.com/


Another one from by Inko from Umisen-Yamasen. Lovely Soni without her glasses!!! Very romantic, no?

Her website is: http://www.inko-redible.blogspot.com/


Here’s a new one from Naomi King of South Carolina! A far-away Mime fan! I <3 how she’s included the full line-up.

Thanks so much Naomi!!


If you have any Le Mime fan art that you would like to share with me, just email me! Thanks!