Le Mime

What can I say? Le Mime is the star of the show: he’s completely original, climb-the-rope-worthy and mimes like no other. Can he speak? Does he actually have a proper job, and does he always dress like this? You’ll have to find out more as the story develops!

Soni Bumblebee

If you’ve met Soni in my small-press Mime comics you’ll be familiar with her kooky outlook and arm-in-the-cast. She’s sweet-natured and a equally un-hinged, but why worry about that when she showers Le Mime and Toby with seasonal gifts and scary one-liners?

Toby Club-Chaing

Soni has a crush on him, Le Mime is extremely irritated by him – no wonder Toby prefers to dip in and out of the story every now and then! Well, he is a celebrity after all and the “original mime of mimes” – good looking, popular and charges (a lot) by the hour for live miming.

Felicity Club-Chaing

Toby’s twin sister. And not just any old sibling – a charming, up-beat, I-can-transform-into-anything clown with a perchance for hitting everyone with her comedy slap stick! She’s prone to teasing Mime and encourages Soni’s creative-stalking efforts in interesting ways.

Ruban Yogajam

Just when you were enjoying the ride, Ruban brings you back down to reality with his obsession with being a useful member of society (or, finding a full-time job that pays the bills). Though he’s determined to live life making money, we know where his heart is pointing…

Clara Limonchilli

Clara is the sixth and final character in Le Mime – you might not notice her at first, but when she wants to be seen =BOOM!= she’s all up in your grill! More developments about Clara to come, keep reading and all will be revealed :)