Le Mime Vol 1 and 2 are now available to buy online! These are a printed compilation of all the Mime strips created over the last five years. They include all the special strips, fan art and stickers.

These are both in full colour and are just under 200 pages.


You can now own your very own original mime portrait for £20! This includes an A5 original painting that will be posted out to you, as well as a high res jpeg with extra mime-tones.

To complete your portrait I will need the following:

–          A photograph of yourself that best represents you

–          Who’s styling you would like from my Mime Characters.

–          Payment to be processed first

If you have any queries feel free to email me.

Please see two examples of past portraits below:

Terms & Conditions:

Shopping Basket: On purchasing Mime products you will be directed to my online shopping basket under my shop name “COBALTCAFE”.

All Products: P&P will be added to all products purchased – the shipping options will be available on check out.

Mime Portraits: I will email you the finished jpeg in high res and post the original out to you as soon as the illustration is completed – unless you have requested a specific look, the creative mime-outcome will be up to the artist’s brush. Much like a manga-portrait at an expo event, this is a mime-portrait so it won’t be a full blown personalised commission. Although, if you would like such a thing, feel free to email me separately!

All items including Mime Portraits will be sent out within 5 working days via 1st class post. If for some reason, I am unable to deliver your items as above, I will give you advance warning or contact you directly.

None of these products are refundable. However, if your delivery is damaged please contact me immediately and I will arrange for the product(s) to be sent to you again if appropriate.

Happy Shopping!